Tuesday, October 7, 2008


i feel like right now my life is such a blur.
and perhaps it is just this month as there has been a lot of out of town travel and more to come.
But I feel like it is speeding by and in the process I am neglecting things.
my home.
my studio.
my kitties.
my cooking supplies.

Sometimes I wish there was a pause button or slow motion setting so I could linger in a moment before the next moment begins


nadia said...

you have to surrender to it maybe joetta, lately( for a very long while my home has been my safe place-but sometimes it is where we hide when things are blurry, it feels like in there i can control things...

(oh so sorry for going on)

Joetta said...

please do go on...
It is true... I work hard to keep things under control and clean and happy and sometimes, often, always, I need to work more at just letting go...
and maybe hire a maid? That would be nice.