Thursday, October 16, 2008

magical fairy, whom is exhausted

maybe I need some of these dish gloves and I would feel better about my status of maid to my husband?
What is wrong with mothers who do not teach their sons to respect and be a part of taking care of the inside of a house. Please to you mothers of sons out there, teach them to clean!!!! and teach them to value those that clean!!!! This will give them much lower stress marriages in their futures.

Your space reflects who you are.... and I do not know about you but I do not want to live in a dirty disgusting home. So I work hard at keeping things under control, with a full time job, teaching yoga, and an art career... and essentially I get no help.
C seems to think a magical little fairy comes in and takes care of it all, though that magical little fairy looks an awful lot like his wife and is screaming her bloody head of to get him to help.

How do you get your partners to share the load?
And if they just will not, which is probably my case, how do you let go of it?

or maybe i just get a maid.


nadia said...

oh my joetta! just the other day i said " do you think that it cleans itself in the middle of the night" he just looked at me with a blank stare than picked up the cleaning supplies and went into the bathroom- he was out in two minutes flat.....I said that it? his reply is "i cleaned it"

i am trying to learn to let go-somethimes want to let things pile up so he can see-but i think i would go crazy seeing things get out of control-

on a last note we used to hire someone every two weeks- it was heaven( i like cleaning actually) but it felt good to walk in a house that was cleaned for you..

sorry for the long comment!

Joetta said...

i love the long comment. i know when "he" does clean it is like, what???
My mom always says just let it pile up...well he still doesn't notice and i go crazy....

Yes, i enjoy cleaning too, but lately i have not had the time so i just get maid it might be, it just seems so indulgent...but perhaps if it saves my sanity.