Friday, October 24, 2008


Last week when I was at the EFA open studios I saw the above work by sister duo
Las Hermanas Iglesias and literally I walked into the gallery and my jaw dropped to the floor.
This image just gives no justice to the beauty or disgusting-ness (not a word I know) of the piece.
It was gorgeous. So what could I do but research more of their "hair work." And they did not disappoint:

hair sculpture....
They state on their website:

Hair is both a grotesque and beautiful material, signifying the presence of an absent or present body. These works reference Victorian hair jewelry, Scandinavian wreath making, our mother’s habit of collecting our hair clippings from infancy to adolescence and mythological representations of hair.

I often use fabric to reference the absence and presence of a being at the same time, so this statement really connected with me.

hair rugs.

hair performances.

They have an expansive website that I have not even begun to delve into but... I am so intrigued by their project jump rope and sibling rivalry. Happy perusing


Bonbon Oiseau said...

wow...pretty awesome stuff...

Joetta said...

awesome indeed.

SHILL said...

freakishly cool!!!

Joetta said...

freakishly is the perfect word.