Monday, October 6, 2008

Does it look like I had a beautiful weekend?

Well, I did.
It was so nice (amazing) to get out of the city.
out of my responsibilities.
out of my habits.
and just ... be.

Just be me.

Though I was a bit disappointed by the actual workshop I attended.
I was not disappointed by the weekend.
It was beautiful, the food was delicious and wholesome, the yoga and yoga dance was inspiring and felt great, and the view...well to be quite honest the view was all I actually needed.

And though I did not love the workshop or teacher it was good in the sense that I learned something...maybe I do not need workshops or "gurus" anymore. .. after a 15 year yoga practice, 10 of which have been consistent and serious...I realized I have all the tools I need, now I just need to use them and put them into practice.
The guru that I have been looking for is within has always been within me and now maybe I am finally ready to learn from her.

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