Tuesday, October 7, 2008

lovers in bed...

I met artist Kate Teale a few years ago and and that time I did not have a huge response to her work. But through those years my work as turned more and more towards my inner life, my marriage, and most specifically the importance of the moments I experience in my bed.

So I am sure you can see why I am suddenly very drawn to her work, her subject, and her hand.
Her images are unfriendly to being dragged and dropped to my desktop so please take the time to visit her website so that you can really see her work...

I love how it seems her husband sleeps in the same position nightly.

Maybe I should try to get her to do a studio visit with me?


onesilentwinter said...

gosh..this is something. I like what you wrote joetta my eyes are changing based on those things you right about..

Joetta said...

so glad that you respond this way.
it means a lot to me to affect others.
i am honored.