Wednesday, April 13, 2011

beds, beds and more beds.

The Sleepers, Sophie Calle

Yesterday I posted about Sophie Calle's bed piece- in which she invited strangers to come sleep in her bed- so I thought it was appropriate to mention a project by the conceptual artist Josh Greene.

The Sleepers, Sophie Calle

Sophie is a unique and well "ballsy" artist. Her work skirts the line of legal and crosses over into an unknown territory of voyeurism, intimacy, and violation. Her work often is very intimate while also being very removed. For instance in Address Book she calls every person in a found black book talks to them and works to uncover who the owner is. Speaking to strangers to discover a stranger. But all the while having intimate conversation about them. Publishing her findings in the newspaper.

Or her infamous project Suite Venitienne, in which she overheard a man at a party in Paris say he was going to Venice- So she books a ticket and follows him throughout his trip. Documenting him. All the while he does not know. (until he does and confronts her.)

The list goes on as to how Sophie pushed the limits of intimacy and voyeurism to find greater truths about human existence.

So I really like Josh Greene's response to her work where he asks Sophie to mail him her bed. He has just broken up with his girlfriend and wants comfort. So of course Sophie mails it complete with sheets, pillows, etc. He then slept in the bed for 6 months corresponding with Sophie about his emotions.

See the project here.

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