Tuesday, April 12, 2011

come into bed.

I would not normally post about the same artist in one day.
And if I did I would normally include it all in one post.
But this series of work by Sherry Aliberti seemed so removed and different then her fiber works that I felt like they needed to be experience as separate entities.

But, I love, oh love the project of A lot of People Have Been in My Bed. Anyone that reads this blog know that I love the bed as a place. You can see my 6 month project of documenting my bed here. Or see the countless works I have done of figures sleeping, or perhaps you are following the progress of Sleepers my new series of life size sleeping figures. So I mean this project was made for a viewer like me.

Plus it reminds me of Sophie Calle, one of my all time favorite artists, and her project The Sleepers, a project in which she invited 24 people to occupy her bed continuously for eight days. Some were friends, or friends of friends, and some were strangers to her. She served them food and photographed them every hour. (did not realize the title overlap, funny.)

Sherry's project is a perfect continuation of this genre of work. Inviting people into her bed. But turning the bed up on the wall so the experience is all play acting and breaking the intimacy out. So interesting.
Or maybe not- maybe by imagining how we would sleep together we create a more intimate picture then the reality?

See more pictures here.

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