Monday, April 25, 2011


AHHHHHHHHH. House guests- though they were all wonderful are now gone and life is getting caught up. It was so nice to have family here to see T and celebrate his very first birthday but of course I got not a lick of work done.

But actually that was ok too. I have SO much to do for my own work, for play, for applications... but knew with so many family coming in and out that it would be totally useless of me to expect to get work done- so I just totally let it go. I chose not to care, dwell, or worry about it. And it was a vacation from my own self-imposed pressure, mind, and ever expanding to do list. And now to be honest I feel so much better prepared to take on the busyness of the next few months and feel excited and invigorated to spend some time in the studio this week.

Sometimes I guess you just need to give yourself permission to not do things.

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