Tuesday, April 5, 2011


a detail of the work by Daniaelle Simonsen- see the rest at the Play opening in May.

Ergh, sometimes playing is so hard!!! No really I am sending all the letters out for play and it is always so hard deciding on the final list of artists. There are a few pieces that I seriously LOVE but that just do not end up fitting into the show and those are the hardest to turn away. Most of these are more subtle or abstract and I feel like they would be overwhelmed by the colorful kind of "wild" nature of the exhibit. But mmm, they are so lovely. Next show?

And then there are the hard rejections of folks I know, as my role in the Fiber Community grows and the more shows I curate I meet more and more wonderful people but then that means I inevitably have to say no to people that I know and genuinely like. And more then likely if I know them personally I also like their work. But when I curate it becomes all about a conversation and vision that is not only about how I feel about the individual work but also the overall show. So this is totally the hard part.

And then I am sensitive to the "rejection" letter as I myself am an artist and get them all the time, in fact I just got one in the mail today. So that adds another layer.

But...the show is going to be GREAT and I cannot wait to see it all come together as we have 2 site specific pieces, a piece being made for the exhibit, 2 pieces hung together almost as a collaborative (I hope), and much, much more. The install will be crazy but the result fabulous.

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