Tuesday, April 12, 2011

moving through a coccoon.

Look at the amazing and innovative work of Sherry Aliberti. She creates very cool inter-active sculptures that become performances in your hands.

With her use of gorgeous and bright colors her sculptures pop out of any landscape and with the human body playing and "performing" beneath they create incredible beautiful shapes.

mock up of piece.

What I really enjoy about her work is that as a viewer you see these gorgeous, living, breathing sculptures in space and as a participant you view the world from inside her cocoon of fabric.

In her statement she mentions some of her inspiration as Ernesto Neto and of course Martha Graham which is appropriate as her work takes on a modern dance energy as the viewer moves through the piece.

The Tumbler


For her, as an artist, it is much more about the experience of the person within the fabric, stretching, moving, responding. She states how people respond very differently to the interior experience some people feeling very connected while others feel very isolated. Some feeling their senses of the body amplified and others feeling them dissolve away.

I think that the outdoor aspect of the work is unique and essential. I hope to get to experience them one day myself.

See more Sherri here including videos of the works in action.

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