Monday, July 30, 2012

bakc to work, sort of

I am starting to, though barely, get back to work. I still have a lot of things to tie up in regards to upcoming shows, shipping work back from small stories, articles, commissions etc... But I feel like getting back into my studio is a possibility in the not that far future.

In an attempt to get my wheels turning and my hands excited again I have picked up a few pieces I started within the last few months. I figured finishing them is a good thing and since they are already started and laid out the hard part of the idea is done.

I do really want to get some drawings/images I have in my mind translated onto linens but timing in my studio has not worked out for that. I am hoping that by the end of this week it has worked out and I can get started on these new works. Fingers crossed.

If only I could clone myself one makes the money, one is the mama and wife, and one gets to be in the studio all day.


Things Hand Made said...

and when you find how you can clone yourself to lead a double life then let us know ......
Love your work

Joetta M. said...

well, then I can be a millionaire and have 5 assistants too!