Thursday, July 26, 2012

another edition of artists

While in NY on Monday I stopped in to see the current edition of the Textile Arts Center artist in residence exhibit. As usual it was not ideal viewing with all the teaching and weaving supplies all about but the work was totally worth seeing. I especially loved both the work of Veronica Fuentas and Josefina Concha.
I have known Veronica and her work for quite awhile now and you can read a prior post about her here and here. But is was so exciting to watch her work evolve as she took time at the residency. She started to break out of the direct narrative and invite more ambiguity into her work, which I think was a great move.

I love the aesthetic combination of refined and messy, finished and unfinished, tight and unraveling.

I mean these butterfly wing pieces are amazing.

There were also the weaving's of Stacie Baek.

the works of Natalie Moore.

The hand dyed and painted shirts of Katie King.

The wall drawing combined with knitted works of Melissa Dadourian.

and the unbelievable dense, sculptural, and awesome works of Josefina Concha.
Follow links to each artist and learn about the program which is accepting applications for their next round now right here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joetta, thank you for the post! I'm glad you liked the work.

dawn said...

ack, this makes me want to throw everything I'm working on out and start over. Beautiful work and so inspiring!

Joetta M. said...

yup, some pretty good stuff... wihs I had gotten some better pics for ya'll