Monday, July 9, 2012

looking for a home...

I am so excited to see my work over on the website of, I'll admit one of my favorite stores, anthropologie. They purchased a one of a kind piece to sell within their housewares department.

Interestingly they also wanted to purchase this piece, which I had in my studio for over a year and in one week 3 people contacted me about purchasing it! But the first person a collector in London was the lucky one.

So go and check out my listing feel free to share and blog about it. You can scroll on the image and see really excellent details. I have more works in this technique milling in my head and hopefully will get around to them soon.


elizabeth said...

Congratulations!! this is such awesome news and I am so happy for you particularly since you were having such a tough go of it there-- you put so much good energy out to the world and support SO many artists with your blog and your shows-- this honor from anthro is SO WELL DESERVED! boo-yah! xoox, e

Joetta M. said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth, Sorry I missed squam it was leading up to my show so I couldn't make it happen, maybe the fall? I would still LOVE to work with you.