Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friday Flashbacks-

Still gorgeous work first posted about back in 2009...

I am enthralled by the work of artist Karen Savage- who mostly works with the simple process of the photogram. In a recent press release this was stated:
The starkness of black --the cool of white --and the translucent grays make the photogram sublime. It's one of the most compelling and beautiful in the world of contemporary art and photography. Karen Savage is a master of metaphorical poetry and aggressive in the execution of this medium.

I have always been a fan of the photogram from the beginning of my photo days in high school, I have done a number of photograms and cyanotypes myself of crochet doilies, old dresses, and my most ambitious one was a cyanotype of my wedding dress. Something about the floating nostalgic object is so powerful. So you can see why I love Karen's work.

In one series Marriage lessons- Karen explores the social constructs of marriage. In her series Seven Sacraments she explores femininity and the experience and tradition of being feminine through ladies objects.

Her current show at Packer Gallery, Growing up, uses found old children's clothing to explore childhood and loss.

Children's dresses are grounded in culture, garments which symbolize innocence, promise, optimism, and hope for the future; especially a cherished christening dress, representing a state of grace, milestone, and a ritualistic event. These translucent and empty dresses express loss and growth.

I highly encourage a visit over to her galleries website to see more if her work. Look at these gorgeous photograms of linens.


Kate Elisabeth Rolison said...

I would LOVE to see that photogram of your wedding dress, Joetta! Photograms are a favourite medium of mine too, I love their ghostliness.

Joetta M. said...

I will have to post it someday. I still have it rolled up in my studio. I always think of redoing it on fabric and adding stitched elements to it. maybe someday...