Thursday, April 4, 2013

mother's day project...

I may have posted about this a long time ago but it is worth a revisit. A working mama artist project collected by Ji HaHaHa.  If you have the time spend some time.

Jayeon Kwon "What would I be doing or feeling now if I hadn't met them?

Heide Trepanier "I have a richer life, a view of the world that I am so glad the self possessed, and the myopic did not rob me of. I am so very proud to be a mother and an artist. I want all women to know that motherhood is a valid and amazingly rewarding option. It is difficult but, as most artists understand, so is anything worthwhile. The hints and whispers of those who perpetuate the false assumption that it cannot be done, need to retire their conservative, narrow views of women."

 Sarah Emerson  "Is that paint or peanut butter in my hair?"

see the project here.

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