Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This week my schedule is kind of- well nuts. I have my artist talk today a very full other life schedule and am trying to get a few loose ends tied up: commission mailed, catalogs mailed, emails sent about some exciting future teaching stuff, supply lists organized, art made and someday....someday... my website updated. I REALLY need to do that.

So sorry if it is a but lighter then usual but I am linking today to some super f-ing awesome work found via this lovely blog which I hardly get over too but was SO glad that I randomly did to find the work of Kaarina Kaikkonen.  Read about the work above here.

some words about this project:

In Kaikkonen’s works, objects become alive and speak to us of stories, of people. They also – and specifically – talk of her. They evoke frailness, but also hope and regeneration. They seem to evoke in viewers an emotional, personal experience, and at the same time a sort of mirroring, an identification in the community. The big installations represent a community of passing-through voices, in a dialogue with nature and social spaces, in their being the story of each and every one; a story openly conveying a universal feeling each of us may identify with, and draw what is perceived most intensively.

 Kaarina's work is so beautiful, powerful and moving it kind of leaves me speechless. 

 But of course not totally, come one me speechless... But seriously her palatte and means of connection are so incredibly poetic.   I am totally inspired and humbled by her work.


Judy Martin said...

Me too.
Thanks for sharing this Joetta.


Joetta M. said...

i know, oh such good stuff!!1

Kreetta said...

She is great artist!