Tuesday, April 16, 2013

threaded talk.

It was wonderful and welcoming to be a speaking artist at SUNY Cortland in NY last week- as part of the current exhibit Threads.  The exhibition looked wonderful. I was humbled and delighted by the company my work was keeping, the space was totally lovely and the curator generous.

I was able to finally see some of  Clay McLaurin's work in person, which was nice as we had back to back solo shows last year at the Textile Arts Center in NYC.

Always wonderful to see the work of Orly Cogan (above) & Andrea Dezso and Kent Henrickson, (below.)

Nava Lubelski's newer work was of a delightful larger scale.

Angelo Filomeno's was astoundingly gorgeous and technically awe inspiring as usual...

and new to me work by Tom Lundberg & new to me artist Karin Birch (below).
 The talk itself was interesting for me, they had a very nice set-up and a good crowd that came...

 but it was the first time I talked about my work while in a total state of transition. I feel a bit disconnected from my recent work as in my actual studio I am definitely shifting and am not totally sure where I am going. I do not even know if I would show what I am currently stitching on. So it was very enlightening to me as an artist and speaker how much that affected my talk. It is both an exciting and terrifying time for me in the studio as my recent work has gotten a fair amount of attention and praise... but I know I need the shift. As an artist you always question will people respond to you new work as much. I indeed hope that in the end they do. 

As an artist, to me, it is even more dangerous to not let yourself change.  So hopefully things will keep moving forward in my studio and I will be happy with the results.

You have one more week to see the show so if you are anywhere nearby go, it is worth it!

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