Thursday, April 11, 2013

long drives and bling crits

It was such a delight to drive out to Cortland, NY last week and do some crits with a handful of advanced students, see the amazing show at their gallery and give my artists talk. As a mama I welcome long car trips by myself, space to get lost in thought and let my mind wander. I thought a lot on my studio practice and what is happening in it.  How I feel about the directions of things, the progress and how they all go together. So that was great.

I arrived to the small town of Cortland and checked into my lovely inn then was off to the fiber studios. I was privileged enough to give 5 current students a critique,

 They ranged in where they were at from a senior going into her thesis project to a sophomore working to apply to the art program.  What was obvious from their work and the work hanging about the studio was that their professor Jenn McNamara is pushing them to think conceptually and approach fibers with a highly contemporary point of view.

LOOK at those french knots!

They had some impressive examples of surface design along with fiber sculpture and weaving.

It is always a challenge but joy to do blind critiques and I hope for the artists always helpful.  I wish I could get more of that for my own studio practice. And as always being in the presence of excited college students makes me want to get the opportunity to teach even more.  Hopefully life will keep leading me that way.

More on the show tomorrow.

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