Tuesday, April 9, 2013

spilling forward and back

Thanks to Tod for letting me know about the Eliot Hundley exhibit at Andrea Rosen Gallery in NYC. When I am there in a few weeks as a visiting artist at NYU- I am looking forward to checking it out.

Hundley is a 30 something LA based artists who makes highly textural large-scale paintings and installations often incorporating thread and pins.


You can see influences like Rauschenberg and Johns in his style but also more contemporary trends in art such as the anti-aesthetic movement.  His work is quite compelling and I can tell deserves to be seen in person so- I look forward to the chance.

One description of his work states:

Hundley's compositions are delicately balanced and formally elaborate. The ghosts of Robert Rauschenberg's combines permeate these constructions. Color shifts between flamboyant and subtle, from intensely saturated to whispered tonalities...Textures may vary between tender and silken to prickly and menacing. Gravity is defied and exposed...In Hundley's assemblages, time—ancient and contemporary—spills forward and backward, one condition fusing into the other. A state of grace, before the fall, remains an echo, a still palpable presence, against the cacophony of history.

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