Friday, February 14, 2014

artist's malaise

words from Paul Dorell shared with me by a fellow artist:

...I mean look at what you’re up against: when you’re unknown, no one wants your work; for years you’ll struggle to emerge from the amateur level, then even after you become a master, society will be largely indifferent to whatever you create; you’ll have to surmount enormous odds to make even a modest income from your art; you can’t walk away from it because it won’t let you; you have to create, even if it kills you; and the whole time you’re trying to present this gift of wonder to the world, the world doesn’t hear you because it, for the most part, doesn’t speak that language.

Who wouldn’t be depressed? But take heart.

Consider how fortunate you are to have your vision, and to be able to act on it, when many people  don’t even know the deeper meaning of vision. That is nothing to be depressed about. That is cause for celebration.

image found we heart it.


Mary L. Tabor said...

This post was sent to me by a friend and former student--and I think it's beautiful. I hope to connect with you in whatever way we might... Blessings, Mary

Jesse Lu Schreier said...

so perfect. thanks, Joetta.

Kristin L said...

That hits home so perfectly right now. I'm totally engrossed in my work, but wonder "why? What for? Wouldn't my time be better spent doing something the world will actually appreciate?"

Joetta M. said...

kristin- i hear you!

I suppose we just have to believe that we we do does matter somehow.
Art is so important do believe that but when you are the artist making it is often so hard to find that importance beyond yourself.