Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So this week has been a weird one in the studio. Monday I pulled out those drawings out of nowhere but since then have felt uninspired. I am not feeling bad about it as I officially gave myself February off from pressure. But it always makes me nervous when I am feeling "engh" in the studio.

I am actually really wanting to do some text work but struggling with what that means. I want words and language but do not necessarily have anything to say. Perplexing.

I also need to apply to all kinds of things but feel a little like what is the point? I show my work, its great and then we just go on a great big repeat. I feel like I want to take a risk or do something unexpected but also wonder what the hell that means.

anyway that's the scoop today. 
I am really hoping to feel a little more enthused soon.


Deb said...

wait til the box arrives

Claudia said...

This is the definitely the struggle of the artist. I find much meaning through projects with others. Drawing in my sketchbook and sharing it with other sketchers. So maybe we could start a stitch project where we start a hoop and then ship it to another embroidery artist and so on. Something that would be for fun.
just a thought. Hope you feel inspired soon.

Anonymous said...

deb- cannot wait!

I do love that idea and you are right. The community of others is what I am very much missing here in new england. I have not found my people yet- in the past that has always helped.:)