Tuesday, February 25, 2014

talking and mugs

I had my artsts talk for mys how last week and it was really nice. I was so happy with thte turn out in this nasty weather and the fact that no one I know was really coming. We had a great crowd and it was so nice to talk about my story that led to this work.

AS I was formulating my talk and thinkgin about what I might say. I came up with a thought and I did indeed say ot at the talk but what struck me is that in a way it is so much the root of what my work is about.

paraphrased ...

"...when you pick up the same toy for the thousandth time, washed the same dish 500 times. But what about when you wash you favorite mug, how is the experience different when you wash this mug instead of any other mug. That's where it happens the story of the everyday. That is what my work is about."

You have until Saturday to see the show.


Anonymous said...

I like your explanation, paraphrased, of your Everyday work. It makes *my* every day. (As in Clint Eastwood's, "Go ahead. Make my day." ! ! )

Jan said...

Very poetic. It is true that life is how you view it. My new mantra,"If this is going to be my last day, it's going to be a good one." ...even if I drop my favorite cup (which happens to have a very special little person on it!)