Thursday, February 6, 2014

deep breath

This week has been a week of recovery. Recovery form the preparation of my show which opens tonight! and the fact that my entire life was a little  bit overlooked due to a frantic finishing of the main piece, the starting of my spring class that I am teaching and never quite recovering from the holidays. (I am embarrassed to say my tree is still up!)

But it has felt great. I spent ALL Tuesday morning getting caught up on emails. Many of which were in regards to comments that many of you, my precious readers, left. It was so nice reading through comments from weeks ago and having and taking the time to respond in a thoughtful way.  Made me feel that even if my posts are less frequent maybe they are still just as fun.
Today I recoverd my house from at least a month of total neglect while listening to some good old fashioned rock and roll. (from the pic above you can see I am leaving my studio for next week.)

But in all seriousness, whatever that means. I am feeling a huge sense of relief from starting the process of getting caught up and letting myself take some pressure of the studio. For the next ENTIRE month I am not putting any focus on making (though I am sure that I still will) and allowing time to send out applications, research opportunities and get to all the dr's appts. that I have been putting off scheduled. I am looking froward to the break and look forward to what comes after that nice long deep breathe.


Natalya Aikens said...

Good luck with your show! hoping to see pix!

Joetta M. said...

thank you so much. Pics soon.