Monday, February 10, 2014

empty studio

So now I am in that funny place. What to do now. My work is all finished. Essentially I have nothing in process (not quite but pretty much,) my studio is cleaned, my show is hung and I am in a big now what?

I do have a drawing idea to start on and have a potential piece to stitch but am not yet convinced that I want to do it.  I was very happy with how the work plants hung turned out. The white on white looked really beautiful so I know it is a direction I want to go in but I am just not sure exactly how and what is next.

I did shoot my first roll of film in almost 3 years last week. Terrifying and exhilarating to hear the sound of my 120 shutter go ca chunk. But who knows if the negatives will be interesting in even the slightest.

Openings and shows are so strange. We are so exhilarated and stressed before them, the opening happens which is always a totally wonderful event but also always totally anti-climactic  and then we come back to our empty studios wondering what the hell is next? Artist such a strange thing to be.

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