Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas finally hung!

So these are some of the lovely things we got over Christmas and just now have finally hung up.
I know we are a bit behind.  This is our lovely new rainbow throwing prism.  I love rainbows around the house, who wouldn't?  Anyway it throws great rainbows all over our kitchen in the morning.  I do not know who made it but we bought it at Grovewood Gallery.

This is not ours but I wish it was, as I was looking at the Gallery above...I found these amazing glass chimes.  Maybe next Christmas I will  have to get one of these.

This is our fabulous new coat rack storage thing, it look so much nicer then what we had before.  And me and C have our own separate the way the gorgeous green coat I bought with some Christmas money, I know it is gorgeous!
And...let me tell ya getting this hung in our brick and cinder block wall was hilarious!

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