Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My day gets better as I am so excited to go to a hopefully awesome lecture today!
At the Guggenheim, artist Christian Boltanski is speaking.
Boltanksi makes truly amazing and beautiful work using mostly found photographs and installation.
His work is really powerful and evocative.
His earliest work which made him famous is mostly about the holocaust.
So if you are in NY you should come to the lecture if not...
you should spend a few moments google imaging him.
It is well worth the look.
Did I mention he is long time partners with my FAVORITE artist of all time!
Annette Messeger?  Some of her images below:

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Virginia said...

Didnot know of the partnership between Christian Boltanski @ Annette Messesger - I LOVE both these artists!!!! did you experience Boltanski's installation ~ no man's land?? made a special trip to nyc for that and Marina Abramović"s show at the MOMA. And i cherish Messeger's work!! spending the AM reading your blog - so inspiring!!! would you be ok with me posting some pic.s of your work on my blog?? www.virginiafitzgerald.blogspot.com
I would love to celebrate your blog and work!!! thank u & peace!!