Monday, January 28, 2008

Embroidery Mother.

I was lucky enough to hear artist and historian Lou Cabeen speak about her work and the history of embroidery earlier this year.  She is a fascinating and incredibly intelligent artist, writer, and teacher. She actually has written and done a lot of research on the role of embroidery historically and on its relationship to feminism.
Her work is really beautiful and these images do it no justice, as she often does white on white embroidery.  The 3 doily images, the top one Ambition and the bottomSanctuary, and detail, are from a series she did in which she appropriated embroideries done by her grandmother and made them her own through adding embroidered text and installation.  
She is such an amazing artist so I though she was a good person to feature today, as I needed some inspiration and she surely provides it.

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