Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My studio.

So yesterday I shared all the great art of others that I saw last week.
But I was finally in  my studio back in Mass. this weekend and was able to take pics of what I am doing myself.
I am still working away here in NYC, but no room to spread out, at all.
So I hope you like what you see.

This is an image of the collection of handkerchiefs I am working on.  I will have 30-50, hand embroidered hankies.  The text is expressions of my identity, fears, and questions. I have a lot done, I am not sure how many.

Not something that I made. But a female member of my family made it for me and my sister as children. I think I am going to include it in my show. My work currently is a lot about my inner conflicts. The artist self and the domestic self. This sure seems like 2 selves to me.
Close-up of a 8-10 ft knit scarf thing.  The text reads language about another body in contact with the makers.  I plan on making a group of these but only time will tell.  So just a bit of what I am working on. 
I start back to school next week, so much more time in my actual studio, allowing more photo opps.


mrwlp said...

I love these! I love that you are leaving on the oval things!!! They look like magnifying glasses or something else wonderful.
I can't wait to see your show!
mrwlp (figure that one out!)

Jo said...

mrlwp-can't figure it out, bit still trying.
I am excited to leave the hoops as well, it just solved so many issues for the piece once I made the decision to do it. Now I just need to order like 50!!

jen said...

i love the hankies. amazing. and even more amazing with the hoops. great job.

Joetta said...

Thanks Jen. I cannot wait to see the final product and get to share it with all of you.