Friday, January 25, 2008

Vote for me...

Please.  So I am a "finalist" in an online show, Relics and Remembrances, and the 3 people with the most votes get to participate in a 3 woman show in NYC for women's history month.  The show and finalist info can be found at Reflect-Arts.  I would love your vote as it would be awesome to be in the show and represent women.   The above image, On the Edge,  is the one that I submitted, you may recognize it as it also got into a show at Woman Made Gallery, which I already posted about. 
As usual you always have one image that does really well, strange.
To vote you just send an email to with my name Joetta Maue in the subject line.  I appreciate your vote.

I figured I would share the above image so you had something new to look at. Not the best photo... but a piece I finished last month. Embroidery inspired by a photograph. I am working on one similar from the photograph at the top.


Liz said...

this is really beautiful! I cannot wait to see more.


Jo said...

thanks lady.