Wednesday, January 16, 2008

do not what?

This is the amazing cross stitch found at subversive cross stitch.  
It is  pretty much my sentiment today.

I am so burnt out.  I should feel good as I finally, yes finally began my thesis paper. YEAH!!!!
But I am bored of stuff.  
I need to do something crazy!!!  What could that be?  I did do some crazy stuff in yoga yesterday...but that probably does not count.  
Perhaps I will begin by taking a is scary gorgeous today (after all it is January, it is not suppose to be gorgeous).  But hey if mother nature gives us gorgeous I say go for it!
By the way if you check out Subversive Cross stitch, she has amazing links!
Like Bitter stitch.  All these awesome honest ladies are inspiring another idea of art and collection, hmmmm.

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