Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hometown Love.

I am so excited because these pillows were just finished for me.  I found Leslie Janson through one of the many blogs that I read daily and I loved her pillows.  
She made these 2 custom for me.  She has a collection of the states so maybe she will have yours too. 
I was born and raised in Ohio and proud of it, and have always wanted something in my home to honor that...but finding something hometown proud that is also cute, harder than it sounds.
...And I lived in Massachusetts for 5+years and will maybe go back someday, they are so eco-conscious it is hard to live anywhere else!!  So now my house is proud of all my previous home states.  
I am sure New York will give me something special while I am here.


Amy Turn Sharp said...

super cool!!!
I am an an Ohio girl too!

Joetta said...

O-H-I-O, go ohio!!