Thursday, July 31, 2008

beautiful work...

Please watch your head

Artist Spring Hofeldt.
So in casual conversation I just found out that I work with an amazing painter.
I casually looked at her website and was like ****! They are great.

Let me tell you.

Spring does not have an artist's statement so I am not sure what motivates her personal work but know me I love birds, so I love these paintings.


And LOOK at how she handles the glass, so lovely.
I love how sweet and clever the titles are.

Her portraits are quite impressive as well.
You never know the talents of people around you until you ask, and then sometimes they really knock your socks off.


Leila said...

Those ARE really great! Thanks for sharing.

pen and paper said...

Wow, this portfolio is astounding. I can see why you're so excited to share a studio with her! Your work is so different, but complementary too.

Joetta said...

Yes, I think we will make a great pair. I always prefer to be with someone who has a different practice but makes work I it is a perfect match. Cannot wait until it happens:)