Monday, July 28, 2008

got my knit on.

with the girls.
Had our little knitting night last night at my house on the roof.
It was such a nice night... but my embroidery got cut short by the fact that it got so dark.

It was also lovely that we, hopefully, added a new member to the group who found me through flickr.
The lovely Leila from needle and dime
It is so nice to add new people and she's a sweetheart.

The best part was recieving this beautiful hand made gift from my friend Erica.
She started it on my birthday and just gave it to me...and I love it.
I truly will treasure a gift handmade is a gift from the heart, and it is so damn beautiful!

and might be the most "me" gift ever.


nadia said...

Joetta, kneeting onthe roof sounds lovely! whata beautiful gift, hand made things are extreemely special as they give people in the future a glimpse into the past.

Joetta said...

that is a lovely thought about hand made gifts. I rarely receive them and this one is even custom so super special...

Leila said...

That is really beautiful! I'm sorry that I missed seeing it last night. Thanks for inviting me along and for the mention -- I had a great time and your roof is fantastic!

Joetta said...

so glad you had a good time. we hope to see you next week.

kaisu said...

Hi, i like your blog very much! So lovely idea to knit on the roof! I like it!

Erica said...

Shucks. I'm glad you like ur hanky. Thanks for sayin all that sweet stuff about it. Makes me blush. ;-)

Joetta said...

so proud to have made ya blush!