Monday, July 14, 2008

i saw it and it was...

I saw the LB show at the Guggenheim and it was in many ways what I expected...
I loved it and I did not love it.

Her old work and her new work looked wonderful in the space and how it was curated.
The cells looked horrible, in my opinion, they were installed in a way to open, lined up, see one and then step right up to the next... a bit like a "wax museum" is how my freind described it. They just seemed like they should be viewed differently.

I was suprised by how much I loved these pieces. (above and below)

This piece was stunningly beautiful in person.....the white marble, soft and shiny in spots with the wood...

And in general I loved her new work the best...but as many know she has moved more towards fabric in her older years...and I have always loved her fabric work the best. (This piece is not in the show but a similar piece is)

The 3 new lithographs were amazing!!!! But I cannot find images of them online, but really they are worth the visit in themselves.
So all in all it was great, it was not, it was what I expected.
The online info and show is great of you cannot make it NYC so make sure to check it out.

I wish that the guggenheim was selling these, but they are not, and the Tate is all out, too bad!

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