Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Got my white linen dress...

Today is the day for the install for my work at this show:

I am a little nervous as no one has ever installed so many of my large pieces without my help...
and I hope it goes smoothly.
'Cause trust me, installing my work is a major b*tch.

I am so excited for the opening this weekend, I am going to New Orleans to attend.
I mean come on it was pretty much an excuse to go to N.Orleans but now I am even more excited ... for both my work and myself as the big WHITE LINEN NIGHT is this weekend.
This is a New Orleans tradition that is a celebration for the arts and all the attendees are meant to wear white linen, because it is going to be hot, hot, hot! So way more people will see my work and I will have way more fun. Yay!


nadia said...

Joetta this is fantasctic in so many ways! Please take alot of photographs.......pretty please!

A white linen night- i have a wardrobe of things to wear!

CONGRATS on your show!!!!

Joetta said...

i took it as an excuse to get a dress, that i should not have gotten.oh well.

nadia said...

Please shre photo's and a white dress is timelss!
and it is part of the fabric of your life and this chapter that sounds like it is on to a wonderful start!!