Monday, July 28, 2008

goodbye, e.

Our vacation was changed and saddened by the need to say goodbye to our E.
E being for "Elvis," a name he got accidentally.
Elvis being an incredibly sweet, loving, and chatty cat.

He was much to young to die, but life is fragile and unpredictable and we know he is still with us.

The 5 best things about E:

1. He loved C so much that he would stare at him for hours, seriously.
2. He would talk to you as if in conversation and he would talk to the birds.
3. He would reach out and touch you just to show you he loved you.
4. He was extremely handsome with his all black coat, long and lean body, and wide face.
5. His purr was as loud as a freight train.

Our sadness is deep as he was truly a member of our family. But we feel lucky to have known his sweet simple soul.
I am sad that this moment will not happen again...

But I am very glad that it did.


nadia said...

oh Joetta, sorry to here about e.- Ilost both my dogs in three months. I miss them terrible.

Joetta said...

i cannot even fathom losing multiple pets...i hope they had long happy lives. Pets are so important. I know many people think, it is just a pet. But when you live with them and allow them into your heart they are so much more, they are individuals that affect your life.
It's tough, this life thing.

mollie said...

I'm so sorry about your loss, Joetta.