Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love Street

I meant to post this last week but was otherwise engaged with baby- but the lovely and talented Orly Cogan has a new exhibit in L.A.
I so wish I could see the work in person, love this image with the blue!!!


APRIL 24 THRU JUNE 19, 2010

Charlie James Gallery, Chinatown, Los Angeles

Charlie James Gallery is proud to present New York artist Orly Cogan in her first LA solo show, Love Street. Orly works with vintage, printed fabrics and updates them with personal, feminine imagery using embroidery and other sewing techniques. Her appropriation of vintage fabric items puts her in collaboration with her forebears, and her interventions result in unique, contemporary objects in which she is often the subject depicted. The personal tableaux that play across these quilts, table runners, and doilies illustrate different elements of contemporary identity. They ask questions about relationships, sources of emotional sustenance, and feminine archetypes. The juxtaposition of vintage feminine and contemporary feminist is a rich contrast that gives the work much its energy.

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