Monday, April 5, 2010

potential abound.

Some interesting and varied fiber work by artist Young Cho.

The work has a fun and playful futuristic quality, though I have a hard time connecting the aesthetic from one piece to another.

Young states:

I create personal psychological narratives that originate from my personal daily experience, and the constant struggle to find my identity in a place where there is no grounded foundation. I am also interested in the distortion of the non-fiction story through self-dramatization...

I use bright colors and glossy materials to create a tone that at once seduces the viewer and disguises the subject matter. My process incorporates the use of repetition and patterns that develop organically, while suggesting a systematic approach. The pieces are labor intensive, and the struggle to complete the process becomes a visible element within the piece.

I love what is attempting to be done and would look forward to seeing the work as it matures and clarifies in its artistic voice.

See more here.

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