Tuesday, April 6, 2010

in bed, made.

a very weird angle but a peek at this pieces progress. This was a few days ago and now it is pretty much totally finished. So tomorrow I will have pics of the finished product.
I am really happy with it and it is a nice medium size that I do not work with that much.

Next I have one small and 2 larger pieces to get started. But since it is bright so late I have not been able to transfer the images yet, I need dark. So I might do that tonight, I normally teach most evenings but have taken the month of April off since I am super preggers and hoping to birth any day now, like today would just be great.

Weirdly, I have been at a loss for words for word pieces and am hoping some will come to me soon as I have a new linen that is crying out to be a text piece.

Don't forget if you make work with text to submit to my curatorial call.

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