Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As many of you have guessed from my absence over the last week, our bundle of joy finally arrived.
We had a very dramatic birth and very far from the ideal home birth we were hoping for. I labored at home for 26 hours with excruciating back labor and severe pain. Sadly, the babe just was not properly dropping so we had to, in the end, go to the hospital.
I swear after now 28 hours of back labor the epidural was a miracle from god. We then pushed some more hoping to be able to try the vacuum, but he stayed stubborn and in the end I needed an emergency c-section.
The babe was born with a slight fever and in merconium so he was in the NICU for 2 days.
I had an infection and was in the hospital and on antibiotics for 4 days.
But in the end everyone ended up healthy and happy and now we are home.

So I introduce our lovely son
Tesla Wyeth Maue.
Born on April 20th in the morning at 7 pounds 4 oz.
The last baby born at the historical Manhattan hospital St. Vincents after 160 years of service.

We are loving getting to know this sweet soul and are very happy my mom is here to help with everything since I am pretty pooped out from the surgery and the drama of it all.
So I will not be back until next week and will just stop in a few times and then will be back in full force May 10.

But remember the deadline for from the tongue is sneaking up and the submissions have been pouring in so please make sure to get yours in by the deadline May 7. Cannot wait to see what you all are doing.

With warmth to all of you and your amazing love an support.


nadia said...

honestly i have tears running down my cheek. he is lovely and i know that it might not have been the way you wished it but that you are both well now and that he comes with new hope and possibilties is just a miracle. joetta rest my dear and big hugs to you, c and tesla wyeth(love, love his name).

congrats to you all.

Kerri said...

Congratulations Joetta! Tesla is absolutely precious! And, like Nadia, I also love his name!
I hope you all are doing well!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations. Take a long, long rest because your body has been working very hard. I know how it feels, I had the same scenario twice. I am glad your mum is there to help out. Enjoy your sweet little Tesla and soon enough you will be up and about again.

xoxo Elizabeth

Knotted Nest said...

Congratulations Joetta! It sounds like it was quite a challenging birth. I'm so glad to hear you are all well and home again. All the best!

Sonya said...

I'm a new reader and have been a sporadic commenter - congratulations mama and welcome to the world sweet baby!

Joetta M. said...

thanks everybody, we are loving getting to know this little soul:)

Tiffany said...

COngratulations he is gorgeous! Worth all the drama! :) lots og hugs and kisses to your little family! :) xxxxx

HannahB said...

Oh goodness what a beautiful babe!

Huge huge congratulations!

Rebecca said...

Your son is so lovely. Thank you for sharing him with us. When I had my son it felt like being drunk and in love. You can't sleep or eat you are just so in love and so in awe of this little person that you helped create.
Enjoy these moments and I look forward to seeing how he will inspire your artwork.

bronwyn said...

Oh congratulations! I'm sorry the birth didn't go as planned. i also had to have an emergency c-section. Scary when you are not prepared for it, isn't it? Since you were planning on a home birth, I imagine it must have been a huge shock. It's disappointing, but in the end all that matters is that little Tesla is here and healthy. Again, congratulations!