Friday, August 5, 2011

clean up.

Yesterday I used my precious hours in the studio, by myself, to clean house. I have been so busy as of late from curating Play, going away in the spring to my residency, and preparing for my solo show that my studio kind of became a giant pile of.... I will do it later, put it away later, etc...

So I took my morning to get organized. I threw 3 bags of garbage out and got rid of a bag of stuff for the free pile. It felt awesome. I found all kinds of materials that I need and got rid of a lot of stuff I don't.
Best of all I got my linens stored in a much better way and my finished work more properly stored.

So now I feel totally ready to get back to work on my sleepers series. With the above work I have been struggling with how to resolve it for almost a 9 months now, funny since it is about 9 months of baby carrying. I finally feel like it is getting there. I covered the once red sheeting at the bottom of the piece with a white cloth and like it SO much better and like how now the fabric is coming up the right side of the figure. So now I just need to stitch it on and then finished!!

This piece was the one I had just started when my schedule whirled out of control and I am super looking forward to seeing it move forward.

Now I just wish I could find another mama to do some babysitting trades with. The one I do is perfect but man I could really use one more day in the studio.

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