Monday, August 29, 2011

inspired by...

Look what I inspired... I love, love, love it. This was made by, Eleanor, a student of Mrs. Textiles and she is only 15!!!. Wow, I cannot wait to see what comes from her. Apparently after seeing my work in class she was inspired and came to this piece. I love its simplicity of black and white and the mass of hair but yet still maintaining so much texture.

I have often received emails from teachers or students that have been inspired by my work and it is always such a wonderful and humbling experience, but rarely do I get the privilege of seeing the work I have inspired. So yay!!!

You can read my feature today by Mrs. Textiles here.
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the upcoming Do Ho Suh show here in NYC there is a great article on it here.

This is what is happening in my studio.

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