Wednesday, August 17, 2011

plastic and panties.

James Gilbert is an LA based artist...

from warning and instructions series.

whose works comment on social issues including the uneasy relationship between identity, privacy, behavior and the influences from our environment including 24-hour news cycles, mass media, social networks, mass transportation or the economy. The work relationship exists through concern, social engagement and humor. Gilbert often utilizes materials that have transparency, plasticity, or materials imbued with history and narrative.

from The Privacy of Underpants.

I love his use of plastic because of its stiff nature but also its transparency.

Social Foreclosure

He approaches serious and important issues but keeps the work at quite a distance with his sterile style and colors.

from a video titled worker.

I feel a little like it may feel like a "one hit wonder"--- such as seeing a piece or group of his work in a show would be exciting but too much of it may seem repetitive and less layered. But it is so hard to know as his work includes video and sound and therefore viewing his work online is a challenge. I wish that he had small statements for each series as I am curious about his concepts.

It seems that he is pushing his technique and scale more which is exciting. I will be curious to see what comes next.

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Elizabeth said...

He has also a youtube-account with 5 video's. His username is:jg103119.

Maybe this can satisfy your curiosity a little bit.

Majid Ali said...
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