Wednesday, August 31, 2011

stress and rest.

Yesterday went by in a stressful blur. I awoke to a sick cat while I was preparing to go out of town, had a fussy baby at my feet, and an overwhelmed husband in my house.

Still trying to figure our what is wrong with the cat- but praying it is nothing big.
Cannot do anything for the husband but be there for him.
Flew 2 hours with T in tow to Asheville to spend some time with my parents.

Very happy to be writing this in the quiet of their mountain house, with bugs chattering outside the window.
Looking forward to a break from all the stress from the city and getting around to finishing some interviews and things. But also hoping to get some stitching done. But really just hoping to rest and get a break to jump back into things when I get home.

Above is my piece, 8 months, I have better pictures coming I just need to upload them. But I am starting to feel fully happy with it. Though I still think I may add just a but f paint into the figure. What do you think?

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