Monday, August 22, 2011

sheets in my window.

I spent a few hours today with my projector, after taping sheets on all my windows to try to block the light. And... it was great. I have the rest of this piece drawn so I can work more on it this week. As well as a totally new work drawing started. So on a day I thought I could get nothing done I actually did. Of course I forgot to photograph the drawings...

I also got my press page on the website all up and running. It is still missing a few things and a few images need to be re-done but... it is a start. I was actually super excited to see all the stuff together. It made me feel a good sense of accomplishment. And there is a sneak peek of my feature in the awesome new book coming out edited by Jamie Chalmers.

And I am in another catalogue and book that will not come out until next year too!

Take a look if you like.

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