Monday, August 22, 2011

pile up, disintegrate, settle...

I remember the work of Sara Jones in one of the Textile Arts Center exhibits last year and I also remember being disappointed that I could not find her website. I am unsure as to if I just finally found it or if it is new but I am again reminded of how much I like her combination of skillful painting with thread.

She incorporates thread in different ways, sometimes as almost an abstract addition to the work...

sometimes as a part of the drawing itself.

But the mix of texture and the hand is so fun to see.

And her straight up works are incredibly lovely as well.

She has no statement on her site but most of her work seems to explore domestic space and architecture that has been left to pile up, disintegrate, settle, etc... sometimes seeming from age and neglect sometimes from disaster. I would love to learn a but more about the concept and inspiration behind her work since there is so much variation.

See it here.

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