Tuesday, November 8, 2011

crafty night.

my demo table and the awesome supplies table which was totally depleted by the end.

Yesterday was so much fun. I led the Etsy Craft Night. Though craft "night" is a bit of misnomer I was there from 2:45-8 pm! We did a live filming of the demo and then I did a demo for the arriving crafters every hour on the hour for the next 4 hours... Whew, I am exhausted just being reminded.

some photos of me and students at the demo table over the course of the night.

But it was so much fun to teach SO many people and have their energy and excitement for the project shared. Their were LOTS of people though I am not sure how many still but it varied from novices, first time craft night folks, regular stitchers, a baby, and even a few men stitchers, yay. It was a wonderful reminder of why I love to teach and share the creative process.

We made "gratitude samplers" and people really brought their "gratitude" filled hearts to the table.

I love the first one of us all looking down working.

The craft night space also has an awesome photo booth where I played with Julie the craft night planner extraordinaire and Claire one of etsy's awesome interns (formally one of the Textile Arts Center's awesome interns.)

and then I played around with Luke Haynes who was at the event to share and sell the push book, notice his gorgeous quilt in the background of many of the photos.

some other crafters sharing there finished work.

All in all fun. But I still need nap.
We had a few ladies that were full of...

and much like me, someone else was thankful for home...

and of course of few folks that were there to make us all thankful for the fun....

and as always...

to be able to teach and share my love for stitching with all of you.

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