Tuesday, November 1, 2011

colorfields & thread landscapes

It seems that the show I mentioned yesterday is bringing some attention to the work of Jen Pack as just this week I have seen her work mentioned or featured on 2 other blogs. But I still want to feature her here. Mainly because her work is super gorgeous and colorful.

Her use of color is awesome and her work is the type of work that I would love to have in my home.

She plays with chiffon to make incredible color field paintings.

Thread to make textural landscape.

And the landscape to make powerful installations.

Her outdoor work would be wonderful to see in person.

On her website she has this quote:

The act of creation involves transformation...The initial transformation has been completed, and transformation is replaced by repetition. Repetition is a source of power in that it extends the initial creative act.

-Orin Hatton

All I have to say is that is the most perfect quote for a stitching artist ever.

See more work here and make sure to go to her exhibition page which features her outdoor installations. (the ocean beach project- duneweed [above] is my fave)
and read recent interview here in which she says:

I think of the work as collages rather than creations, because the fabric is already speaking while I’m using it, it already has a voice I’m just letting it sing.

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