Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the human form.

I finally got to see the images of my work at the exhibit Human Form installed at the Ann Street Gallery. They were a wonderful gallery to work with and it appears they put on a lovely show with a great turn out for their opening.

This is the best detail of the hair I have seen yet.

I love seeing my work with more traditional mediums such as drawing and painting and wish that would happen more often. I also love the detail shots they took.

waking with you... was installed in a way that I was surprised by. I expected it to be raised up and was surprised to see it on the floor and am not so sure my feelings about that. But I love how the bed is a little unmade at the top.

How does it look to you? See the entire exhibit here and some more details of my work.


Lydia May said...

Hi, I'm a budding embroideress and I bough a copy of the Push stitchery book last week (I've been carrying it round since :p). A friend and I spent about two hours pouring over its pages and now I'm completely enthrawled by your work. I love the connections; the literal links made by the thread as well as a connection between the material and emotions. I'm so pleased I bought the book and stumbled across your pages, they've really got me thinking about new ways I can work. Keep up the magic,
Thank you, Lydia

Anonymous said...

I just had to let you know the piece laying on floor is beautiful! If I wasn't in love with your work, I would think that was a real woman laying in bed.
So to me it added a beautiful, realistic element.

Joetta M. said...

Thank you to both of you, you make me blush. I am always so grateful to hear what people think about my work and presentation and whenever they are moved and inspired I am truly satisfied as an artist, even if just briefly. Thank you again:)