Monday, March 15, 2010

sprouting from her head...

When I was curating for connective thread, I loved the submission of the artist Veronica Fuentes, sadly her work just did not fit into the overall direction that the show took. But I so enjoy her technique of embroidering comic book pages.

These images are from her submission which is of the work not quite finished. But you can get a sense of the sweet story, emotion, and vulnerability. I would love to see this work in its completed state and more work done in this style.
Embroidery as narrative is perfect.

Veronica states:
For the past few years I've been developing an interest in nature, children stories, the fantastical and the surreal. I feel that in childhood we welcome ideas that are whimsical and fantastical. Exploring them is a way of rediscovering that childhood world that vanishes through the years and introduce to it the complexities of adulthood.
In my work, I explore a whimsical vegetated world where plant-like
creatures sprout an array of human emotions. In this whimsical vegetated world, emotions like fear, anger, sadness, and lust are part of the physical and subconscious make-up of the vegetated inhabitants. As the artist trying to breath life into the work, I have become a researcher, like a biologist, cataloging the inhabitants, their characteristics and habitat of the wondrous vegetated world.

She also creates other super lovely embroidered pieces that you can see at her website here.

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